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Set of three beeswax food wraps


1 x LARGE:  32cm
1 x MEDIUM: 24cm
1 x Small: 20cm


Three beeswax food wraps, the alternative to plastic food wrap in your kitchen. 


Large size will typically cover a large mixing bowl
Medium size will typically wrap your sandwiches
Small size will typically wrap left over pieces of food such as cheese or fruit


These are made using ethically-sourced petal cotton (from Etsy seller Spoonflower) and organic beeswax and coconut oil, jojoba oil and pine resin.


BEESWAX waterproofs the fabric, allowing you to use it again and again
COCONUT OIL adds flexibility so you are able to mould it around your object
JOJOBA OIL has antibacterial properties
PINE RESIN adds tackiness to the wrap so it sticks to itself


I have experimented for a long time to find a wrap that works well and have found this recipe works really well.


Wash the wraps in warm/tepid soapy water (not hot) after use and allow to air dry. Coconut oil has a really low melting point (will melt in your hand so make sure the water is cooler than that).


CAUTION: Beeswax is flammable!


Your wraps should last up to a year and can be refreshed with my BeeBlocks which will be on sale here soon. You just need some baking parchment and an iron.



Bees Wax Wrap Set

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